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We aim to ensure that your customers will receive the best produce available in the market

About us

We are a “fresh food truck” and our mission is to improve fresh fruits and vegetables access to your business. Our relations with local farmers and fresh fruits and vegs companies allows us to bring the best quality produce into your business.

When it comes to people and eating well, Agora Fresh will always do its best.


We stand by quality
We stand by experience

All about vegetables

At Agora Fresh we believe that it all begins with the earth and the greek land creates fine and delicious produce.
We also pride our selves on our ability to discovering new flavors and emerging varieties from all over the world.

The fresh choice in fruits and vegetables

All about fruits

Fresh Fruits of premium quality, carefully selected not only from Greece but also from almost every country of the world.

Work with us

If you need fresh produce we are the “fresh solution” to the fruits and vegetables industry. We desire to offer to your customers delicious produce in affordable quality.

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